Alec Coakley is an experienced mediator with a deep understanding and appreciation of the pain and frustrations that can be caused by a conflict that has evolved past the control of the parties within it.

He has participated effectively in a number of community groups and has extensive experience in organisational and workplace conflict resolution. For many years Alec was a trade union representative, both at local and national level. In subsequent years he has coached employee representatives, line managers, senior leaders, industry executives and non-profit board members in effective negotiation skills and change management. He is founder and owner of HR Evolution Ltd, which supplies mediation, negotiation and facilitation support services.

Alec understands that approaching a third party for assistance in resolving a conflict can be a difficult decision. He also believes strongly that it can be the correct decision and the first right step towards sustainable resolution.  Alec is strongly committed to ensuring that all parties benefit from the transformative benefits that the mediation process provides.