Cyril Joyce worked for 41 years in Bank of Ireland up to September 2014 and, from 1995, his responsibilities included the management of teams in the area of Business Banking. His last 5 years involved initiating contact, renewing relationships and mediating/negotiating mutually acceptable arrangements between the Bank and recession-impacted, business borrowers.

Having encountered numerous conflicts between colleagues and between customers and the Bank, Cyril realized that mediation could have an important role to play in achieving timely, cost effective, sustainable and, possibly, relationship-saving solutions to conflict situations.

Cyril commenced part-time, formal mediation training in 2012 and is accredited by the National Register of Mediators and recognised by the International Mediation Institute.

He proclaims to be the most senior (oldest!!) member of the group and, perhaps unsurprisingly, no one has challenged this assertion!

While Cyril’s main area of interest in mediation is in the workplace arena, he would gladly give of his time to help in any way in the area of Family Mediation.