Oksana Kokaylo was born in Ukraine but Ireland is where her home and heart is. She has a philosophy/theology and law background from Ukraine and achieved her M.A. in Dispute Resolution from Independent College Dublin, in 2015.

After graduating from Independent College Oksana became a Certified Member of the Mediators’ Institute of Ireland, specialising in workplace disputes. At present she is gaining practical and academic experience in the field of workplace mediation in Ireland and honing her skills in the KIWMRG.

Oksana’s great interest is in promoting workplace mediation in Ireland and her thesis, ‘Possible ways to promote workplace mediation in Ireland’, sets out key recommendations for professional bodies, the judiciary and organisations to promote workplace mediation.

Oksana is a member of the MII Workplace Sector Group that is currently working on raising an awareness of workplace mediation in Ireland. She is ‘book addicted’ and cannot imagine life without reading.