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kiwmrgNew Research on Workplace Mediation in Ireland, Sabine Walsh (Sabine Walsh Mediation) and Margaret Bouchier (Advanced Working Solutions Limited)

Kluwer Mediation Blog / December 6, 2020

kiwmrgPromoting Workplace Mediation in Ireland: Key recommendations.  Oksana Kokaylo

Journal of Mediation & Applied Conflict Analysis, Volume 3, 2016, Issue 2

kiwmrgEnhancing Cohesion by Managing Employment Conflict Effectively,  Margaret Bouchier

Published in Business and Leadership online magazine, June 2015

kiwmrgA study of the role of external mediation in enhancing workplace productivity, Margaret Bouchier


kiwmrgMediation: new research shows that ‘Talking’ does work, Dr Deirdre Curran