It is important to us that our evolution and development as a group is chronicled.

This page documents ‘Our Journey’



November 2014

Three members of a then fledgling Kennedy Institute Workplace Mediation Research Group (KIWMRG) - Deirdre Curran, Treasa Kenny and Margaret Bouchier wanted to extend and expand the group.

How could they progress the development of workplace mediation research in Ireland?
Who would need to be involved?

How could they forge stronger links between the research and what was happening on the ground in the practice of workplace mediation?

January 2015:

Their efforts led to the Workplace Mediation Research Seminar Conference sponsored by the Kennedy Institute for Conflict Intervention at Maynooth University. Eighty people from a broad base of stakeholders – practitioners, academics, State bodies, employers and trade unions attended.
Treasa, Mags and Deirdre gave inspiring and informative presentations to the group on what is known about workplace mediation from national and international research. The group then broke into small group facilitated sessions. Their creativity and energy generated key research questions such as how research shape the future of workplace mediation in Ireland as well as the vision of Ireland becoming established as an international ‘hub’ for mediation research.

April 2015:

Sixteen academics and practitioners convened in the Kennedy Institute, Maynooth to take forward the vision in an expanded KIWRMG.  The ideas and suggestions from the Seminar formed the basis of a Strategic Plan. Key objectives were identified as well as setting up governance structures. A Steering Committee was established comprising 6 members of the group to co-ordinate the work and develop the strategy. An Advisory Committee to provide external support and oversight as well as providing expertise on ethical questions that might arise

June 2015:

Invitation from MII to the Mediators’ Institute of Ireland for a research project into the desired competencies for workplace mediators


30 September 2015:

Third meeting of KIWMRG  (should we add in more details here? e.g. meeting outcomes?)


23 October 2015:

Workshop at MII Conference

5 December 2015:

Fourth meeting of KIWMRG

23rd March 2016:

Three members of the KIWMRG present at the 22nd Dispute Resolution Conference in Seattle, Washington, USA.