Advisory Group

The KIWMRG Advisory Group comprises of specialists and academics in the field of mediation and employment whom the KIWMRG can draw on for guidance on issues such as strategy, policy or ethics. The members of the Advisory Group have unique knowledge and/or experience in the field of workplace mediation.


Workplace Mediation Research Group
Advisory Group Members
  • Professor Alex Colvin – Professor of Conflict Resolution, IRL School, Cornell University
  • Ms Caroline Jenkinson – Deputy Chair at the Labour Court
  • Ms Karen Erwin – Former President of the Mediators’ Institute of Ireland, former Chairperson of the Equality Authority and owner of Erwin Mediation Services Ltd.
  • Dr Delma Sweeney – Academic Director, Mediation & Conflict Intervention at the Kennedy Institute, Maynooth University
  • Professor William K. Roche – Professor of Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management, School of Business, University College Dublin
  • Mr Michael Lang – US mediator and educator. Guest editor of Journal of Mediation and Applied Conflict Analysis (JMACA)