In June 2016 three members of our Group will represent us at the World Mediation Summit in Madrid.

The objective of their presentation will be to raise the profile of the  Research  Group  on  the  International  stage.

Deirdre  Curran,  Mags  Bouchier  and  Treasa Kenny will outline the development of the Research Group to date and use  the example of a current research project to illustrate the unique approach the Group  is  taking  to  workplace  mediation  research.

The  summit  will  also  provide  an  invaluable  opportunity  to  network  with  professionals  working  in  the  mediation  field  across the globe.


“Winner of the coveted 2015 AMMI National Mediation Project Award our Summit is an initiative gathering mediation professionals from across the globe to expand this method of conflict resolution. Judges, ambassadors, diplomats, mediators, lawyers and industry representatives will attend."

“We guarantee invaluable networking, training, and debates and this year’s theme, ‘The Art Of Mediation: Designing Our Destiny’, is an opportunity to address the upcoming trends in mediation and move our profession forward.” Kevin Brown Organizer, World Mediation Summit 2016