KIWMRG members Deirdre Curran, Treasa Kenny and Alec Coakley returned to the University of Washington, Seattle on March 24th, 2017 - albeit in a virtual capacity!

The group had received an exceptionally warm welcome from hosts Kathy Kline and Sasha Philip in 2016 and were eager to build on the friendships made on that occasion.

Unfortunately a return trip it was not to be for this year and, in true mediator fashion, new solutions needed to be found.

In another first for the group the presentation was done entirely online - despite the seven hour time differential.

The Kennedy Institute Workplace Mediation Research Group - sharing praise with the two of the best mediators the world has ever known - #SQUADGOALS!

The presentation was divided into two parts and used two innovative online collaborative tools to make the magic happen!.

For the first thirty-two minutes a pre-recorded video of Deirdre presenting a specially commissioned Prezi presentation - the “Seattle-Ireland Chronicle” was shown to the conference delegates.

After this the group Zoom-ed in to deliver another thirty minutes question and answer session that raised interesting discussion points on similar challenges on both sides of the Atlantic for workplace mediation research and practitioners.

You can view the prerecorded part of the session below: