“Mapping the Organisational Field of Workplace Mediation in Ireland” receives “Best Paper” Award at the IAM Doctoral Colloquium.

The KIWMRG is both delighted and proud to announce that Treasa Kenny has won Best Paper Award at the recent Irish Academy of Management conference, hosted by the UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School.


This significant analysis of the relationship between workplace mediation and the contextual factors it encounters in Ireland is a valuable resource to academics and practitioners alike. From the paper:

What does the landscape of workplace mediation look like in Ireland?

The research question is important because there appears to be variability in how workplace mediation is perceived as being delivered in different contexts. Rather than supposing that workplace mediation is the same in all contexts, it is important to distinguish potential variance to enable HR professionals and employees experiencing conflict in organisations to make better informed decisions as to what to expect of mediation in addressing issues in their context. Such research would also allow workplace mediators to identify the process and style of mediation most appropriate to various contexts. There are also potentially changes in the context of conflict and dispute resolution which are imposing new demands on mediators to act in ways more similar to change agents than purely neutral third parties in supporting dispute resolution design and integrated conflict management systems

This research will also provide a significant contribution to the international conversation on workplace mediation and build further on key theoretical models.

Left to right: Margaret Bouchier, Treasa Kenny and Louisa Meehan

19th Annual Irish Academy of Management Conference
31 August – 2 September 2020

Ireland 2016: Re-imagining business and the role of ethics

Title of the Paper

Mapping the Organisational Field of Workplace Mediation in Ireland

Workplace mediation is a specific process in the conflict management system of organisations. The international literature acknowledges a lack of empirical research in this area with much of the empirical work to date being focused on workplace mediation provision rather than seeking to understand convergences and divergences across the totality of practice. The use of workplace mediation in Ireland has been encouraged in recent years and the objective of this research is to establish empirically the nature of workplace mediation in Ireland to build on the international academic conversation. Given the core concerns of the literature and the lack of empirical data in Ireland, The research questions seek to understand the antecedents, processes and outcomes of workplace mediation from the literature and from the perspective of workplace mediators in Ireland. The research methods include focus groups and interviews, as well as data collected through a 106 question survey instrument.

Professor Bill Roche and Treasa Kenny
Professor Bill Roche and Treasa Kenny


Congratulations Treasa from everyone here at KIWMRG!