Steering Committee

The KIWMRG has an eight-person Steering Committee which is governed by an agreed Terms of Reference. The primary role of the Steering Committee is as follows:

  • To anchor and disseminate research opportunities for workplace mediation in Ireland
  • To develop the strategy
  • To establish the framework and policies for the KIWMRG and to monitor its standards
  • To oversee and guide the activities of the KIWMRG in the following areas:
  • Contribute to and support the co-ordination of workplace mediation research in Ireland.
  • Gathering of, and providing access to, existing research.
  • Support the publishing of research by members of the group.
  • Maximize the involvement of members of the KIWMRG.

Current Steering Committee members:

Deirdre Curran (Chairperson)

Cyril Joyce

Kieran Doyle

Treasa Kenny

Louisa Meehan

Mary Ellen Doyle

Oksana Kokaylo

Alec Coakley